What our Customers say...


Clark and his team answered all of my questions and concerns and put me at ease with the whole process. Thank you so much!

The 3 staff members that serviced us were great. Because of Alex and his techs, I will certainly use SERVPRO again as well as tell other Managers in my organization to give SERVPRO their business. Once again, Alex was a pleasure to deal with and because of him we will add SERVPRO as a Preferred Contractor.

I have never been so impressed by SERVPRO's Staff. They have taken great care of me, and my home during the entire restoration Process. Very Prompt! I am Susanne Dickerson Barbara's daughter and I was here visiting when this episode began. I have been so impressed with SERVPRO. You have treated her as if she was your own mother! Thank you so much!

I was so impressed by Sean, James, Sylina and Pete. They contacted me, came when they said and got right to work and alleviated ALL my anxiety! As a business owner I am very impressed!

You were engaged in every step in a way that alleviated my worries and helped me get through a pretty disastrous situation with a minimum of anxiety. I found each member of SERVPRO whom I interacted with was exceptionally professional, efficient and competent, but also, remarkably, went the extra mile to help in every way they could to get things done and to make me feel comfortable. This is the best experience I have ever had with any business.

They all did a wonderful job! Thanks so much!

It was a pleasure working with Tammy in your office and with Steve in relation to the repairs in our home. Very happy with all services! Steve was very thorough and accommodating!

I just wanted to bring to your attention the outstanding job SERVPRO did in our condo.

They were able to restore the kitchen beautifully.In addition, Frank Basile (project mgr) worked very hard to ensure we did not lose any rentals. He got us up and running.I think he went above and beyond and I just wanted you to be aware. He and Sean, and the others in his crew were very professional.Professional in their skills, the way they interacted with each other and with my wife and I.

Everyone was professional, accommodating and very personable!

They were on the job and kind and helpful at all times. I would recommend them before anyone else. They were truly the best in all that they did. Thank you!

When the big rain storm caused all the flooding in SC it also cause a lot of sewage backups to happen around our home. It smelled horrible and was just nasty to look at. SERVPRO came in and cleaned up our sewage and made our neighborhood pretty again.

When we called on you to provide equipment for water removal and drying up buildings, you answered with exceptional speed. That immediate response helped us restore electricity to the many customers affected by the storms.

No one cleans out dryer vents better and faster than SERVPRO. Thanks for keeping us clean!

Really appreciated Alex's attentiveness to all my requests. Sean and Toby were especially helpful with every aspect.

As a businessman and concerned member of our community, I appreciated and was very grateful for the recent work done by SERVPRO

We contacted SERVPRO for a kitchen fire cleanup. They were not only professional, but also friendly while they performed their job. Customer service of this quality is rare and very much appreciated by us.

SERVPRO was amazing. They were very polite and on time. They exceeded my expectations. They got my house fixed in time for Christmas and I can't thank them enough. I would use them in the future.

Just want to say thank you for all your help! Thank you Sean for your professionalism and sharing your knowledge and showing me guidance. You represented your company with great pride and dignity. You are a true asset to your company. I would highly recommend SERVPRO® to anyone needing services. Thank you again!

The SERVPRO Storm Team made it possible for us to have sanitary homes so our contractors could safely work and our new equipment could remain contamination free.

Hard to think of any recommendations at this time. Call me a happy customer!

Our family experienced a tremendous loss when there was a suicide after the holidays. SERVPRO came in and helped us clean up the room that it happened in and we are so extremely grateful.

On completion of the project we inspected all of the work, and to our satisfaction, we saw that all the results were of high quality - from the structure/content removal – to the wall/ceiling gutting – to the cleaning, spraying, disinfecting, and finally the drying of all interior walls.

We have 3 big dogs and no matter how careful we are it still seems like they are going to make a mess of our carpet and rugs. We use SERVPRO regularly to help us mitigate those stubborn stains that need to be professionally cleaned.

I have been a claims adjuster for many years and I have never experienced such good follow-up activity at the highest level that was performed. It definitely reflects well on your facility and gives me something to brag about to my fellow adjusters and customers.

Thank you SERVPRO of Horry & Georgetown Co. for becoming a hole sponsor!

We had a small fire and even though it did not burn the whole house down it still left us feeling hopeless and scared. We called SERVPRO to come fix the fire damage and they gave us our hope back.

It’s all about good customer service with quality work, and SERVPRO exceeded both … well beyond what my family expected in a crisis such as ours!! SERVPRO truly goes the extra mile and for that, I commend them!

Your attention to detail, persistent follow up and critical follow through is in a class of its own. Anyone who uses your company for mold remediation and water dry-out services will definitely be making the right choice.

I felt like truckloads of my best friends had come to help me through this crisis! I could not be any happier!

I have been so impressed by SERVPRO's staff. They have taken great care of me and my home during the entire restoration process! Very prompt!

I am Barbara's daughter and was here visiting when this episode began. I have been so impressed with SERVPRO. You have treated her as if she was your own mother! Thank you so much!

My family called upon SERVPRO to help us through a very tough time in cleaning up after a horrible incident that occurred in our home. They were professional and courteous and very discreet in handling the clean up.

SERVPRO’s extensive knowledge and experience resulted in us having to spend only two nights out of our home thanks to a very smooth, well coordinated flow of workman and repairs.

SERVPRO did an amazing job cleaning my ducts for me. We apparently had several rodents trying to escape the cold weather in my house and they had done some damage and left quite a mess. SERVPRO made it all disappear!

I had some water damage to a few of my commercial properties and I called SERVPRO 2nd but they showed up first! It was all good from there.

We had the SERVPRO Halftime Show come and entertain at our school for our March Madness themed reading night. The kids and parents really loved the performance. It was so entertaining.

We learned the hard way that space heaters can cause lots of fire damage if left unattended. Thankfully there is a SERVPRO just minutes from our residence because they are so amazing at getting smoke damage out of homes.

Please know your hard work makes a difference. My situation has been very upsetting and stressful, but working with your company was a wonderful experience. You truly helped me out during a very messy time!

Mold freaks me out and I live in an area by the water so I am constantly worried about mold. I came upon some mold in a bathroom last summer and I immediately called the mold masters at SERVPRO. They came and removed it fast and it hasnt been back since.

I just wanted to say thank you to SERVPRO for helping me after the storm. They were fast and friendly and I would recommend them to anyone who has had storm damage ruin their life.

The team was very courteous, polite and performed excellent job duties.

I work at a convenience store that was unfortunately the scene of a very bloody crime. When the police investigators were gone I was left to clean the mess. I value my customers safety so I called the pros at SERVPRO to clean the crime scene up right the first time!

Of all the contractors we dealt with the SERVPRO team stands out as the most professional and most helpful.

I've been using SERVPRO for years. Every spring they come out and clean my carpets. I am always grateful for the amazing job they do.

The team at SERVPRO came in and cleaned up my commercial property so fast I didn't even lose a day of work. Thank you SERVPRO!

I just wanted to say that we had the SERVPRO Halftime show perform for our school and I absolutely loved the show!

SERVPRO did such a good job responding to our fire damage. They were on time and very professional. They left me feeling very happy!

I recommend SERVPRO to anyone looking for restoration cleaning. The owner, crew and office staff was the epitome of friendly yet professional at the same time. I can’t thank you enough for restoring my home back to its original state.

I live very close to the beach and it is always moist in my house. SERVPRO came out and not only cleaned my mold problem but left me with tricks to stop it from continuing to pester me every year.

SERVPRO was recommended to me by FEMA. From the moment I placed the call until the house was dry and clean, I was treated with extraordinary service.

I had major flooding at my house. I called your company and another. SERVPRO's response was both immediate and professional. Your young man Adam came and no one will convince me he was not the answer to my prayers. Thank you SERVPRO of Georgetown County!

Thank you all so much for taking such good care of us seniors!

I was most impressed with Lauren when she took the FNOL. You are very fortunate to have a very smart lady who knew exactly what questions to ask!